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300tube TOP 10 INFORMATION - TTI   12 January, 2018

Science FictionS that Became REALITY 📣


8 Science-Fictions That Became Reality ! 😱😎 | TTI 2018

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Number 8 Memory Editing

By manipulating the same reconsolidating process, psychologist Julia Shaw has shown that it's possible to make people remembe false memories!

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Number 7 Lightsabers

Scientists at the lab are reporting that they’ve successfully managed to get two photons to interact with each other and form a “photonic molecule” that acts as if it has mass but maintains the properties of light. To achieve it they need to maintain the specific environment for this.

Number 6 Artificial Sperm & ovum
scientists grew artificial mouse embryos from stem cells.
Chinese researchers converted the embryonic stem cells of mice into primitive sperm and fertilized an egg to produce healthy baby mice.
Experts say a similar human embryo could follow within a year, this research helping scientists investigate infertility and miscarriage.

Number 5 Back to Life

stem cells would be able to regenerate the damaged brain to return to normal. US- based biotech companies Bioquark and Revita-Life-Sciences has won approval from health watchdogs & are set to begin in India in July.

Number 4 Liquid-Armor-Suit

TALOS is a battery-powered robotic exoskeleton designed to protect the lives of soldiers. Compared to Iron Man's suit TALOS is a liquid armor that can solidify when it’s hit by a bullet which is more technologically advanced but it won’t have flying capabilities or a built-in Jarvis although it has in helmet technologies that improve visibility in dark and provide better communication with the rest of the troop.

Number 3 Thinnest holograms

A team of scientists from RMIT-University and the Beijing-Institute of Technology have designed the world's thinnest hologram. It is thousand times thinner than a human hair
& user could enjoy it without three-dimensional glasses or any equipment.
This technology makes 3D digital content come alive whether it’s inside a glass tube or suspended in thin air.

Number 2 Invisibility cloak
Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, is something that many people desire. After all, who haven't wished? 
now researchers from the University of Rochester in New York have created technology that has found a way to more effectively bend light around an object so it can move and still be invisible to a viewer. 

Number one Laser Weapons
The U.S. Navy has announced that the world’s first functional laser weapon is ready for action. The system is powered by electricity and It costs much less to build and operate than other weapons. The Navy said the cost of a single laser shot is about one dollar.


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