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300tube The Living Tombstone   1 February, 2017

Cut the Cord- Original Song and Music Video- The Living Tombstone ft. EileMonty


Original Music Video for the new original song, Cut the Cord.

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➢Music Production - Custom Phase
 and Yoav Landau
➢Lyrics - Cien Miller (Crusher-P) 
and Zirah
➢Guitar Recording - Or "Orko" Cohen
➢Vocals - EileMonty
➢Vocal Tuning and Editing - Fruutella
➢Sound FX Design - Dan Pugsley
➢Voice Actress - Monica Franco
➢Animation - Ryan Krzak (RWappin)
➢Video Editing and Color Correction - Pedro Calvo

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You’ve pulled a few strings,
Stolen my ideas
Taken my kindness for granted,
You’re not worth all the tears
I see you’re slipping stitches,
Your setup so passé
It's an easy victory for me
when your work's so cliché

Nobody stands a chance here in my way
is it so wrong to be selfish for a change?
Nobody stands a chance here in my way
is it so wrong to be selfish today?  

Cut the cord
Mark the pins
You’re not bad at darning, darling
But that doesn't mean anything

Cut the cord,
and mark the pins,
You're not bad at what you do,
but that doesn't mean a thing

Seamless needlework
tailoring the perfect trim
I've got so much work to do,
where on earth do I begin?
Fearless infantry 
Stand behind me in my stride
Stopping's not an option
when your goals are anything like mine

You've put up a fight,
Tearing at the inseam
Watching everything falling apart
won't keep me from my dream