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300tube Tasted   8 April, 2013

Alcohol Makes Brains More Better


BOOZE MAKES YOU SMARTER! Do we even need to say anything else? Drink more & be president or Bill Gates or a Mensa member or anyone you want to be! Okay... so that's all not true and not really what this study has discovered per se, but it does involve your body turning booze into fuel instead of sugar. Subscribe for more News from Noah:

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There's a dream we've all had at some point -- the more you drink, the smarter you get (and the hotter and cooler). Sadly, this isn't particularly true. Well, kind of. According to a study from Yale, if you have at least 8 drinks a week your brain starts using acetate instead of sugar as an alternative source of energy. Basically, if you drink at least 8 drinks a week, your brain becomes a booze hybrid. Partially run by sugar and partially run by acetate (a byproduct made by your liver when it processes alcohol). You're basically a Prius. A Prius and a genius. WIN!

What are your thoughts on this study? Are you happy? Sad? Are you gonna start drinking more? We don't condone drinking more. Are you gonna start drinking more?

Tell us in the comments below and Noah might address them in the next Mailbag episode!

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