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300tube ProsafiaGaming   28 December, 2017

Newer Super Mario Bros DS - All Castles


All castle levels walkthrough in Newer Super Mario Bros DS. 
►Activate the description for the timestamps of the caslte levels complete walkthrough!!

All levels:
00:00 Leafpile Castle (Goldleaf Plains)
02:54 Flameburst Flotilla (Crystal Sewers)
05:36 Overgrown Armoury (Dorrie's Island)
08:55 Derelict Schooner (Pumpkin Boneyard)
12:35 Freezeflame Fortress (Moonview Glacier)
14:40 Thornspire Doomship (Lunar Realm)
17:38 Stormeye Stronghold (Cirrus Heavens)
20:53 Ironclad Battalion (Koopa Country)
24:09 Bowser's Castle (Koopa Country)
31:12 Ending & Credits

All Castle Levels and Bosses in Newer Super Mario Bros DS in 1080p & 60fps
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