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Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell Live (Official Film)


12" of Blue Bucket / Hotline Bling available in September

0:00 Redford (For Yia-Yia and Pappou) - Live
3:30 Death With Dignity - Live 
8:08 Should Have Known Better
13:40 All of Me Wants All Of You - Live
20:27 John My Beloved - Live
27:00 The Only Thing - Live
32:22 Fourth of July - Live 
38:59 No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross - Live
42:37 Carrie & Lowell - Live
46:55 Drawn to the Blood - Live
51:05 Eugene - Live
55:36 Vesuvius - Live
1:02:11 Futile Devices - Live
1:06:58 Blue Bucket of Gold - Live
1:11:23 Blue Bucket Outro
1:23:56 Hotline Bling (encore, featuring Gallant)

Performed live at: 
The North Charleston Performing Arts Center 
Charleston, South Carolina 
November 9, 2015
Performed by: 
Casey Foubert 
Dawn Landes 
James McAlister 
Steve Moore 
Sufjan Stevens
Performing “Hotline Bling” 
"Hotline Bling" by Aubrey Graham, Timmy Thomas, Paul Jeffries. Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC.

Filmed by 
We Are Films 

Aaron Craig & Alex Craig - Director of Photography 

Camera operators - Keith Bradshaw etc.

Produced by Sufjan Stevens 

Co-Produced by Lisa Moran, Aaron Craig, and Alex Craig

Set, Stage, and Lighting Designer - Marc Janowitz 

Lighting & Video Designer - Jason Rothberg 

Video Designer - Josh Higgason 

Sound Engineer - Brenndan McGuire 

Monitor Engineer - Stu Tenold 

Instrument Technician - Mikey Loy 

Video Technician - Dan Gentile 

Merchandise Manager - Max Goldblatt 

Booking Agent - Ali Hedrick / Billions Corporation 

Business Manager - Mark Kaplan / Mejia & Kaplan, LLP 

Tour Manager - Michael Schoenbeck 

Artist Manager - Lisa Moran / The Art Counsel