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300tube Glam&Gore   7 January, 2017

How to Look Good When You're SICK 🤒- Makeup Tutorial (well... kinda)


When life gives you sick lemons, make sick lemonade.  I had another video planned for this week but due to being sick for the past 8 days, decided to take advantage of that instead and make a video centered around having the oh so loved common cold. I asked my snapchat zombaes to let me know what sick-related video they might wanna see and your suggestions got my brain goin! Specifically, @xaleighx on twitter said I should do a "spoof makeup tutorial" where I'm extremely sick and that was the idea I ran with most, so thank you to @xaleighx!

Lastly, I'm sorry if you wanted an actual tutorial on how to cover up physical cold symptoms, but this was much more fun + there's also a million great videos already on youtube with good tips! My feeling is, if you feel better getting dolled up when you're sick, wear all the makeup you want! But personally, when I'm not feeling good, the last thing on my mind is trying to look glam- which is what the quick message at the end is more or less saying.  So it's definitely no hate on makeup, I just want to remind you that you shouldn't feel *pressured* to look "good" (whatever that even means), if putting on makeup won't help you feel any better. You are gorg, with and without makeup, and everyone gets sick from time to time. Ain't no shame in that!

To every under-the-weather zombae watching this video right now, I hope you feel better soon! 

Snot was made from FX pus + glycerin; vomit was made from blended up granola, peanut butter, protein powder, and water so no one FUHREAK OUT (twas quite tasty). Also, tissues make horrible foundation applicators in case that wasn't obvious. :D


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